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The Effect of Rising Mortgages

We’ve noticed interest rates are rising on mortgages.  What effect do you think that will have on our market? You are correct – the fed raised the interest rates AGAIN this year, and have indicated that we need to be prepared for two more rate increases in...

What Happens After the Inspection

We find the inspection process confusing – do we have to fix everything in the inspection report before we sell our home or just the repairs the buyer requested? The home inspection report is the document from which your buyer works to make their repair...

The Importance of the Contract

We closed on our new home recently and when we went on the walk through, the seller had not completed the inspection repairs that they had agreed to do and didn’t seem to think was an issue. Your thoughts?

Keeping Inspections in Perspective!

From what we hear, it seems buyers are very picky on home inspections these days.  What should a seller expect? What a Seller needs to be prepared for on a home inspection needs to be evaluated in the context of the entire deal!  Both buyers and sellers...

What to Expect When You’re Inspecting

I’ve heard that agreements on many homes have fallen through lately from home inspections – why is that? Our market has traditionally been one where buyers know they are buying old homes and allow the seller some leeway in not presenting a “perfect” home...

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