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Move Out and Move In!

We’ve been cooped up in our house for nearly a year now with this pandemic and are feeling like it’s time for a change. Your thoughts?We are in the absolute best sellers market I have seen here in western PA in my 22 years in the business! We have less...

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2020 Year In Review

Now that 2020 is coming to a close, do you have any reflections on the year in real estate?2020 is a year we will all be happy to see in the rear view mirror, and that day is coming soon! In March, we were all worried that the pandemic would result in a...

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Show that Holiday Cheer

If our home is on the market, how long is it ok to keep our decorations up? In this incredibly dark time of the year, and even more so in this difficult holiday season as we continue to muddle through this global pandemic, festive holiday décor certainly...

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A Proactive Step to Inspections

If there was one thing you would advise us to do to our home as we continue our months “at home,” in this global pandemic, what would that be? Whether you are planning to sell your home this coming year or not, the best thing you can do to your home is a...

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Home Appliance Advice

We need to replace our appliances.  Any recommendations?It’s a great time of year to be buying appliances – you may be able to grab a great black Friday deal!  However, do be prepared for a wait – the pandemic has brought on an “appliance shortage” and you...

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A Grateful Time

This time of year we all take the time to give thanks for all of the wonderful things in our lives.  I have much to be thankful for.  The obvious chart toppers are good health, wonderful family and friends, and of course, a warm home to come home to each...

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Visual Aspects

How important do you think it is to have a visual tour as part of marketing a home in today’s home selling environment?Visual tours are an essential part of every home sale. National Association of Realtor studies show that the majority of all home buyers...

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Holiday Showings

Our home is on the market – is it ok to show it decorated for the holidays or should we take it off the market?Buyers who are shopping during the holidays are some of the most serious buyers we see each year – most people don’t bother spending their...

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Setting The Stage to Sell Your Home

I’ve heard a lot about having my home professionally staged – I think my home is well decorated – is it something I need to do?Home staging is more about marketing a home and less about interior design. Your home could be beautifully decorated and poorly staged. The...

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School:Home Value Ratios

Do you think living in a top ten school district adds value to our homes? Absolutely! There is no doubt in my mind that living in the Quaker Valley School District, ranked in the top ten in Western Pennsylvania, adds both value and sale-ability to our homes. We are...

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Fall Selling Tips

Now that fall is here, do you have any tips for presenting our home well in the fall market?Fall can be such a wonderful season here in Pittsburgh, but sometimes sellers forget that they need to take a fresh look at their home to make sure it is still...

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The Joy of Selling

We hear that selling a home can be a trying process.  They say forewarned is forearmed. Any annoyances a seller should be expecting?Below is a short list of many of the “joys” sellers might experience during the listing process.  Being aware that these are...

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What’s Your Contingency Plan?

With all of the bidding wars happening in this hot market, should we put an appraisal contingency in our offer?Appraisal contingencies are added to agreements when buyers are concerned that their offer may be over market value.  If you are getting a...

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Why Now Is The Time To Buy!

We are looking to buy a new home – where is the market these days?  Do you have any advice for buyers? We have had an unbelievably strong summer market – unlike anything I have seen in my nearly 22 years in business.  Homes are often selling with multiple...

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