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Why NOW is the Time to Move!

With all that is going on in the world, why should we consider a move now? I know it might seem counter-intuitive, but local market indicators suggest there has never been a better time to be in the market for a move. Why buy now? Here are my top reasons!

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The Effect of the Economy

What impact do you think the recent economic downturn will have on our local real estate market?This is the million-dollar question right now.  There seems to be no doubt that real estate consumers are a little less confident this week.  But will we see an...

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Selling with Pets

What advice do you have for pet owners hoping to sell their homes? I am a pet lover. In fact, there are two canine members of my family.  60% of Americans own a pet, and 40% are dog owners.  As a pet owner and lover I am  aware that not everyone loves...

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Sometimes Empty is Best!

Dear Kathe- My mother recently passed leaving me and my brother a well-maintained but not updated house built in 1960.  It’s full of furniture that is clean but bulky and out of style and almond-colored appliances that work fine but are 20-30 years old and don’t match. We plan to sell the house.  My brother thinks the house will sell better if it has some furniture and appliances in it; I think it would sell better with empty rooms (it has beautiful hardwood and tile floors that have been covered with carpet since the day they were built) and the distracting appliances removed. What would you advise?

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Representing You Near and Far!

We are planning to buy a second home in another location.  How can we find a great agent to work with there?You might be surprised to learn that I can help you with this!  No, I am not licensed in other states, but I can help you find a great agent...

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Getting it SOLD!

We hear there is low inventory and many buyers looking for homes. Shouldn’t that work to our advantage as potential home sellers? It’s true -- we are in a very strong seller’s market. If you are thinking of selling, there is no better time than now. But...

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Getting Ready to Sell

The job of getting our home ready for market seems so overwhelming.  How does anyone get it all done? You are correct – there is quite a bit to do to get your home ready for market.  We have HGTV to thank for high buyer expectations.  Gone are the days...

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Now the Fun Continues!

We’re first time home buyers.  Where do we begin? (continued from last week) For those of who just picking up the conversation today, check out my blog at to read the past two weeks’ introduction to the home buying process.  If you are...

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Let the Fun Begin!

We’re first time home buyers.  Where do we begin? (continued from last week) For those of who just picking up the conversation today, check out my blog at to read last week’s introduction to the home buying process.  If you are following...

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First Steps for the First Time Buyer

We’re first time home buyers – where do we begin? Buying a home is one of the best choices you can make.  Rather than paying money to your landlord so that he can be closer to owning an asset outright each month, when you make your monthly payment each...

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An Acceptable Level of “Wear & Tear”

Sometimes it seems like everything is breaking around our house and we get behind on repairs. Isnt there some level of wear and tear buyers of “previously enjoyed” homes are expecting to have to accept? The process of selling and buying a home involves...

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Maximizing Value

We are planning to sell our house this spring.  We have invested a lot in our home and know what we want to sell our home for.  How can we make that happen? The answer here is really quite simple. You are not the first home seller to have a clear idea of...

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Getting a Jump on Spring Market

Dear Kathe, We’re getting ready to put our home on the market this spring and have read all of your prior articles on staging – any new do-it-yourself ideas to maximize sale-ability?

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Seller Beware!

We were approached by someone who is interested in buying our home. The buyer has provided us with an unsigned sales agreement as their offer. They are offering 1.5% of the purchase price as their hand money and we assume they have the money – its a cash...

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Finding It Online

Dear Kathe, We’re hoping to move in the New Year and are beginning our search online – is there anything we should keep in mind?

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