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Avoiding Mortgage Pitfalls

I have a friend who just had a terrible time closing on his mortgage loan because he moved some money into his checking account right before closing.  Any tips om making sure the mortgage process is a smooth one? Mortgage rates remain low, but the process...

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Selling Made Easy

Selling our homes seems like it will be a very stressful endeavor.  Is there any way to make it any easier on us? Once you have lived long enough, you realize that if there is something to be done, there is usually an easy way and a hard way.  When it...

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The Pre-Inspection Power

I’ve heard that agreements on many homes have fallen through lately from home inspections – why is that?Our market has traditionally been one where buyers know they are buying old homes and allow the seller some leeway in not presenting a “perfect” home...

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Getting Top Dollar Might Start with TV

What do you think about all of the TV shows that focus on home buying and selling homes? If you follow my column, you have undoubtedly noted me mentioning for what seems like years now that our market is hot and our inventory has never been lower.  It...

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Highest is Not Always Best!

Is the highest offer always the best offer in a multiple offer situation?For those of you looking for a quick answer, the answer is a resounding no!  For those of you wondering why, read on!There are many important components to an offer, and price is only...

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The High End Market

What is going on with the high-end market in Sewickley? Why don’t there seem to be many high-end sales? Our high-end market has been slower than normal for over a year now.  Speculation abounds as to why that is the case, but it doesn’t seem that we are...

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Selling With Pets!

What advice do you have for pet owners hoping to sell their homes?I am a dog lover. In fact, there are two canine members of my family.  60% of Americans own a pet, and 40% are dog owners.  As a dog lover and owner I am  aware that not everyone loves pets....

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I’m ready to answer any questions you have regarding your real estate needs.
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About Kathe

As a full-time realtor, specializing in residential real estate. With a proven track record of selling properties, I am able to provide in-depth knowledge of property values and trends for the future as well as tailor the marketing of each property on an individual basis.

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