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Selling It Empty

We plan to move out of our home before we put it on the market.  Any thoughts on selling an empty home? Some homes definitely sell more readily vacant – my last home was one of them – and so I definitely do not dissuade sellers from emptying their homes...

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The Decluttering Mindset

We are finding the process of decluttering to get our home ready to sell very challenging – any suggestions on what to do with all this stuff? If you’ve lived in your home for a while, it’s easy to accumulate a lot of “stuff,” yet we all know from HGTV and...

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Can I Take It With Me?

I spent a lot of money on my lighting fixtures and really don’t want to leave them in my home when I sell it – can I take them with me?This question comes up more often than you might think! Sometimes the fixture is a family heirloom or was a gift for a...

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Disclosing the Ghosts

I’m superstitious and want to avoid buying a haunted house.  Does a seller have to disclose that information? We live in an old town, with homes dating back to the early 1800s.  With old homes comes a lot of history, and sometimes a ghost story or two. ...

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Is Remodeling Necessary?

We’ve lived in our current home for 20 years and have kept up with maintenance but haven’t done much else – how much remodeling do we really have to do before putting it on the market? You’ve lived in your home long enough that you have probably “used up”...

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Making the Right Choices When Remodeling

We are thinking of renovating our master bathroom – is that a good investment to make? If you are thinking of remodeling a portion of your home, it is important to first consider what is currently going on inside your home from a design perspective. It is...

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Avoiding the “Hot Buttons” of Inspections

What kinds of items would be viewed as “hot buttons” for home buyers on inspections? If you are a home seller, there is an ever increasing list of items that you will be expected to address if any are discovered on your home inspection. Given that, if you...

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Finding the Sweet Spot

Dear Kathe:You often write about making sure to price our home correctly for a better chance of a successful sale.  How do we do that? We all know the story of Goldilocks – be it the porridge being too hot, too cold or just right, or the beds being too...

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Knowing Your Home’s Worth

It seems prices are all over the board these days.  How do we figure out what our home is worth? There are many factors that go into determining a home’s value.  The first, most important thing to keep in mind, however, is that it’s not what you think. To...

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Asking the Right Price

How long should a seller wait to reduce the price of their home?  Is it ok to start at a higher price and reduce the price later? There are many “rules of thumb” in real estate that provide suggestions as to when a price reduction is appropriate. One of...

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