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The Markets Temperature

Are you starting to see the market cool down at all yet?The answer to that question is both yes and no. In part it depends upon the price range that you are looking in or are selling in. Our homes priced under $500,000 are still selling quite readily and often with...

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To Sell or Not to Sell

We are thinking about selling the home we have lived in for 25 years but it seems like such a daunting task.  Do you have any advice?If you are like most people who live in their homes for multiple decades, you have undoubtedly collected a lot of treasured memories in...

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Things to Consider

We hear selling a home can be a trying process. Any annoyances a seller should be expecting? Below is a short list of many of the “joys” sellers might experience during the listing process.  Being aware that these are possibilities will hopefully help you take them in...

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Is It Priced Right?

In your articles you often write “when it is priced right, it will sell.”  Our home is on the market, has not sold and we feel it is priced right.  Is this maxim always true? The short answer is that it is not always true.  Some homes just take longer to sell than...

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Candid Camera

We recently viewed a home that is on the market, only to find out the seller was taping the showing – we were stunned. Is this common?Welcome to the age of cheap technology!  If you are viewing a home, whether at an open house to at a private showing, these days you...

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The Waiting Game

We have been sitting on the sidelines for a while now waiting for a home that meets our wish list to come on the market – what’s coming this fall?You might be surprised to find out, you are one of dozens of prospective buyers sitting on the sidelines waiting for their...

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Market Timing

We have heard the foreclosure market may be opening back up again – should we hold off on our home purchase so we can grab a “great deal”?There has certainly been some commentary lately about the fact that when the moratorium on foreclosures expires, there will be a...

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Market Adjustments

We have read that the real estate market is beginning to cool down – is that the case locally?We have been in an incredible sellers market for the past six months now like nothing we have ever seen.  In prior articles I have written about the why: more millennials...

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The Final Walkthrough

What should we expect from the Buyer's walkthrough?Buyers conduct a final walk through right before they close on a home.  This is probably the first time they have seen their new home vacant.  If they find conditions they aren’t expecting, a seller can expect a bill...

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Can you Take it With You?

Our home went under agreement quickly!  When we moved in we installed expensive hardware that we really love (door knobs, switch plate covers, towel rods, etc.). We would like to take it with us.  Can we substitute other items before we close?Absolutely not! First of...

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When Will the Seller’s Market End?

It seems like there have not been very many new homes coming on the market. Why do you think there is such an inventory shortage and when do you think it might change?In my professional opinion, there have been many factors that have led to the current inventory...

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What to Do With “Stuff”

We would like to start cleaning out our home but don’t know what to do with all of our stuff – any ideas?The first thing you need to assess before you begin your clean out is whether you have any collectibles – anything of real value.  Generally speaking, this does...

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Keep the Bigger Picture in Mind

It seems buyers can be very picky on home inspections.  What should a seller expect? What a Seller needs to be prepared for on a home inspection needs to be evaluated in the context of the entire deal!  Both buyers and sellers need to keep things in perspective.  If a...

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Appraisal Contingencies

With all of the bidding wars happening in this hot market, should we put an appraisal contingency in our offer?Appraisal contingencies are added to agreements when buyers are concerned that their offer may be over market value.  If you are getting a mortgage, they...

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What Is Today’s Desired Style?

Is there a preferred style that is more desirable to buyers?Six months ago, I would have told you that buyers overwhelming preferred the gray and white aesthetic. You know the look. White as the base color for “hardscapes” like tile, countertops and cabinetry with...

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