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Now the Fun Continues!

We’re first time home buyers.  Where do we begin? (continued from last week) For those of who just picking up the conversation today, check out my blog at to read the past two weeks’ introduction to the home buying process.  If you are...

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Let the Fun Begin!

We’re first time home buyers.  Where do we begin? (continued from last week) For those of who just picking up the conversation today, check out my blog at to read last week’s introduction to the home buying process.  If you are following...

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First Steps for the First Time Buyer

We’re first time home buyers – where do we begin? Buying a home is one of the best choices you can make.  Rather than paying money to your landlord so that he can be closer to owning an asset outright each month, when you make your monthly payment each...

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An Acceptable Level of “Wear & Tear”

Sometimes it seems like everything is breaking around our house and we get behind on repairs. Isnt there some level of wear and tear buyers of “previously enjoyed” homes are expecting to have to accept? The process of selling and buying a home involves...

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Maximizing Value

We are planning to sell our house this spring.  We have invested a lot in our home and know what we want to sell our home for.  How can we make that happen? The answer here is really quite simple. You are not the first home seller to have a clear idea of...

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Getting a Jump on Spring Market

Dear Kathe, We’re getting ready to put our home on the market this spring and have read all of your prior articles on staging – any new do-it-yourself ideas to maximize sale-ability?
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Seller Beware!

We were approached by someone who is interested in buying our home. The buyer has provided us with an unsigned sales agreement as their offer. They are offering 1.5% of the purchase price as their hand money and we assume they have the money – its a cash...

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Finding It Online

Dear Kathe, We’re hoping to move in the New Year and are beginning our search online – is there anything we should keep in mind?
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The Power of Compromise

We would like to move to Sewickley.  Are there any affordable homes anymore? Of course there are!  But Sewickley, particularly in affordable price ranges, has become a very competitive market.  It seems the secret is out – many people know about our very...

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Mortgages: Local or Online?

We are planning to buy a new home soon – we see advertisements for internet lenders offering what seem to be below market rates. Is this too good to be true? If you are simply refinancing an existing mortgage debt, you MAY be ok choosing an internet...

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Making a Fresh Statement!

We’d like to jazz up our house a bit in time for the holidays but would also like to make choices that would help resale when we are ready to sell!  Your thoughts? The fastest, easiest way to give your home a fresh, new look is through paint! I like to...

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Key Tips for Kitchens

We are thinking of remodeling our kitchen. Any advice for us if we want to be making good choices for resale? As much as we would all like to be creative, when it comes to the “hardscapes” of your home – the things that are difficult to change – if resale...

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Buying an Investment Property

We would like to buy an investment property – something that we can fix up and then rent.  Any tips?Real estate rental properties can be a great way to diversify your investment portfolio and create an income stream for retirement, if you hold your...

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