Step-by-Step Plan for Buyers

What to Expect

As your trusted advisor, Kathe will be there to guide you throughout the home buying process to ensure that your experience is as seamless and stress-free as possible.


Pre-marketing Your Listing

Getting You the Best Possible Sales Outcome
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Initial Interview

Begin Home Search

Prepare and Sign Offer

Negotiate Contract | Reach an Agreement on Your New Home!

Apply for Financing

Conduct and Negotiate Inspections

Obtain a Survey if Desired

Arrange for Homeowners Insurance

Connect Utilities

Conduct Pre-Closing Walk Through

Close on Your New Home!

*Pre-marketing strategies are independently determined by clients at their direction.

Experience Makes

The Difference

If you’re moving across town, from elsewhere in the state, or even relocating
across the country, I can help you find the perfect home!