We are relocating to another city – what is the best way to find an agent there?

The best way to find a Realtor in another city, whether you are moving there yourself or have a family member or friend who needs to find a Realtor, is to call me first! Yes, even if you are not in need of an agent locally, I am still your best resource to find an exceptional Realtor! As an agent with Sotheby’s International Realty, we have offices across the globe and I have a network of agents I can access on your behalf. In fact, just this week I have been at the Sotheby’s GNE (Global Networking Event) and have deepened my personal global connections so that wherever you are and wherever you want to be I can connect you to the very best Realtor for your personal needs!
If you are like most people, you are likely seeking the most qualified Realtor with the most relevant experience to you. While many consumers simply push the “Request a Tour” or “Contact Agent” button on Zillow, what you may not be aware of its that agents pay to be the agent who gets your “lead” from pushing that button – it is highly unlikely that it is the listing agent and there is a very good chance the agent is not someone who has a lot of experience in the neighborhood you are interested in. Why take that chance?
Don’t push the buttons on websites (unless you are on an agent’s dedicated site and trying to reach that agent)! And if you take the approach of choosing agents by walking into real estate offices or open houses you may also not be finding the agent with the most or best experience for your needs – typically agents manning the desk at the office or hosting the open houses for listing agents are not the agents with the experience you may be seeking.
I can easily (and at absolutely no cost to you) cut through all the messiness and confusion for you and help you find the perfect agent wherever in the world you (or your friend/family member) want to be! Take advantage of my service – I am here to help! And remember, Sotheby’s International Realty provides luxury service at ALL price points!

Experience Makes

The Difference

If you’re moving across town, from elsewhere in the state, or even relocating
across the country, I can help you find the perfect home!