How do you approach homes that may not be ready for market when you first see them?  Is it better if the home is completely ready before you see it?

Generally, its best if I see your home before you make any changes to get it ready for market. After 25 years selling real estate in this town, I am able to help you figure out where your money is best invested to reap the highest return from the market and advise you on current trends.  You may be focusing on things that are not important to buyers, and may overlook things that are.

Realizing top market value is a common goal for sellers, and in today’s HGTV-inspired market, it’s achievable with the right preparations. I’m here to guide you through those decisions, using my market expertise to ensure that your investments are both wise and likely to return their value. Together, we can navigate the nuances of the market’s current expectations. My role is to provide you with candid, constructive feedback to help you understand the market’s perspective. It’s a collaborative journey, where I share insights—not to criticize, but to empower you. I appreciate the love and care you’ve invested in your home, and my aim is to honor that by positioning your property as a compelling opportunity for buyers, avoiding the pitfalls of a stagnant listing or the need for multiple price adjustments.  Therefore, while your home’s story is uniquely yours, I’m here to help translate it into the universal language of the current market for a seamless sale. Let’s work together to turn your home’s potential into a polished presentation that stands out, ensuring you don’t just list your house, but truly showcase it for what it can offer to the next owner!

Experience Makes

The Difference

If you’re moving across town, from elsewhere in the state, or even relocating
across the country, I can help you find the perfect home!